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What you say about us


Every year we ask parents and carers to complete a short survey, telling us what they love about Tiny Turners and what, if anything, could be improved.

  • 100% of our parents rate Tiny Turners as excellent or very good.

  • 100% of parents believe the planning of their children's day is excellent, very good or good

  • 100% of parents say the meals and snacks provided are excellent, very good or good.

  • All of our parents praised the staff in our nurseries.

"We are both really happy with the nursery. Our son enjoys his days. It's a loving, caring environment in which all staff are kind and considerate."

"I am really pleased with the team and the effort made. My child is always happy which gives much needed confidence for full-time working parents."


"I found leaving my child difficult but the staff made me feel very safe and comfortable as a new mum. Thank you very much!"

"Please continue your good and hard work."

"The staff are amazing. I am very happy with the great nursery."

"My child loves it here and so do I!"

"My daughter really enjoys coming to nursery. She is happy with all members of staff and has made lots of friends."

"During the time our child has attended the nursery she has been well cared for and has been provided with many opportunities her social and, emotional and behavioural needs."

"My child loves coming to Tiny Turners. He is developing his language and social skills well and has really benefited a lot from the company of other children of the same age, especially around potty training!"

"My daughter has come on really well with her confidence since starting at the nursery, I am really glad we picked the right nursery for her."


"The staff are excellent and we feel totally comfortable with him coming here.  He has just started potty training and we feel the staff are supporting us in this really well."


"I always feel so comfortable and reassured leaving my son. I will be sad when he has to leave Tiny Turners."

"My daughter has improved vastly in her development and speaking whilst at nursery. She enjoys coming to nursery and seeing her friends."


"My little boy loves it. He settled in so well thanks to all the girls and now he can't wait to get inside and explore. I wouldn't have him anywhere else. The girls do a fantastic job!"

"I can't fault the nursery. It is totally perfect with amazing staff."

"An excellent nursery. My son attends and loves it. The staff are very good with him and the other children."


"I've used Tiny Turners and the Big Katt Club for six and a half years and it has always been a fantastic place. The staff do an amazing job. They spend more time with our children than we do so to find somewhere as good as this is great."

"Amazing staff in an amazing nursery. My son loves it and all the staff are brilliant which makes it that little bit easier leaving him while I go to work"

"A fabulous nursery! Highly recommended."

"The staff were amazing with my daughter. She is six now and excelling at school and I put it down to the staff at nursery."


"A fabulous nursery with fabulous staff."


"A brilliant nursery I would recommend it to anyone."

"A fabulous nursery with lovely staff."

"An absolutely brilliant nursery! My eldest daughter attended from age three and my youngest daughter has been there since she was eight months old (she's now nearly three). My daughter has been poorly quite a lot of the time with her ears and all the staff are excellent with dealing with her. They are so caring and always want the best for your kids. I would strongly recommend Tiny Turners to anyone/everyone."

"A fantastic nursery with amazing staff! My son was very unsettled at first and took a while to get used to going to Tiny Turners but his key workers and all of the other staff were brilliant and helped him through his wobbles (and me with mine!) Now he loves it and has such a lovely time."

Two of my girls attend Tiny Turners and neither one has ever complained about going, or said they didn't like it. The staff are fantastic and so dedicated."

"My little boy goes to Tiny Turners and I can honestly say it is 100% perfect. They girls are fantastic with him and I would recommend it to anyone"

"I want to thank all the staff, you really do do a fabulous job! My two grand daughters absolutely love to come. I know that they are happy and content and are always well looked after. Many belated congratulations on your Christmas carols service. It was great and I can really appreciate how much time and effort went into it! Well done and thanks to all of you. Your nursery really is.... Simply the best!"


"I have no problems with any aspect of my children’s care and would recommend the nursery to others. In particular it is lovely that the staff take time to get to know my children. They always take an interest in them, what they do outside of nursery, their little habits and their own individual personalities. I appreciate how hard they all work in providing such a welcoming environment and yet still have time to give 100% to my children."

"The staff at Tiny Turners are excellent. They are very friendly, observant and dedicated."

"I love the warm, welcoming environment and the positive relationships. Staff always know my child’s likes and dislike. I am very happy leaving him in their care."

"Your environment and family ethos is wonderful. Both our children are full of beans when we pick them up."

"We are both very happy with the service you provide. We have recently been through a very challenging phrase with our son. However the approach from all the staff has been fantastic. Thanks."

"I think the range of different meals on offer is fantastic. They are all full of veg and I’m pleased with how well the staff cater for my child’s special dietary need. A big thumbs up."

"It is nice to see that specific activities are set to concentrate on areas of development."

"My child loves the staff and meeting other children. She was quite shy but is definitely more confident and her development has come on leaps and bounds."
"The staff have an excellent relationship with the children and that is invaluable! Thank you."

" It is nice to see outside agencies being involved with the nursery such as the pottery company and fire brigade."

"I always feel happy leaving my child."

"The large garden is great for outdoor play."

"Staff seem happy and enjoy their jobs and there is a close knit family friendly atmosphere."


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