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We accept childcare vouchers from a wide-range of providers and we are more than happy to sign up to any official scheme we are not currently registered with. Click here for more information.

We offer a flexi system (for a charge of £12 a month) so, if you want to, you can change which days each month your child attends - great for shift workers or those who do not always know what childcare they will need. For more details click here.

We are part of the Government scheme offering free early educational and childcare to some two year olds. Click here to find out more about the scheme or speak to any of our nursery managers.

We offer discount a 5% discount on fees for teachers and for those working in the NHS, police and fire service. Ask at any of the nurseries for details.

We give rewards to parents who recommend our services to other families. When you recommend a family, and they join one of our nurseries, you will get £25 off your following month's fees. Ask your nursery manager for more details on how to claim your reward.​





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