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Good health and hygiene have always been important to everyone at Tiny Turners and now more than ever we need to follow the rules to keep our staff and your children safe.


At all our settings we are following the Government guidance to ensure we are Covid-safe and that your children can continue to have fun and enjoy their time with us. We have shared detailed information and advice with all our parents and we are always available to speak to parents/carers about any concerns.

Other measures we are taking include:


  • Staff wear face coverings to answer the door, when talking to parents and when showing prospective parents arounds

  • We are following the two metre rules when parents drop off and collect and keeping discussions limited (parents are encouraged to email or call if they want to speak to us at length)

  • We have the NHS Test and Trace QR code on display at the entrance to all the nurseries. Staff are asked to sign in on a morning and parents are also encouraged to sign in

  • Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance halls for everyone to use when the enter and leave nursery. All staff carry hand sanitiser at all times and have it in their cars for school runs

  • Hand washing is carried out numerous times throughout the day with all staff and children.

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time!

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